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PeoplesSouth Bank
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Product Fees


$  20.00     Safe Deposit Box 2x5/per year*

$  25.00     Safe Deposit Box 3x5/per year*

$  35.00     Safe Deposit Box 5x5/per year*

$  40.00     Safe Deposit Box 3x10/per year*

$  50.00     Safe Deposit Box 5x10/per year*

$  75.00     Safe Deposit Box 7x10/per year*

$100.00     Safe Deposit Box 10x10/per year*

$100.00     Safe Deposit Box Drilling

$  20.00     Safe Deposit Box lost key

* Where Available

Miscellaneous Fees

$   2.00     Cash withdrawal at ATM, withdrawals made at other locations

$   1.00     Balance Inquiry at ATM, inquires made at other locations

$   5.00     Replace ATM/Debit Card

    .02%     MasterCard Currency Conversion fee

    .09%     MasterCard Cross-Border Transaction fee

                  Check Printing (*fee depends on check style ordered)

$   5.00     Cashier's Check - each item, customer only

$   3.00     Charge-back fee (deposited checks and other items returned) per item

$ 30.00     Overdraft fee (each item presented, including representment)

$ 30.00     Non-sufficient funds by (each item presented, including representment)

Check, ATM Withdrawal, Debit card purchase, preauthorized withdrawal or other electronic debit per item

$   1.00     Overdraft Protection, per Auto-transfer from savings/DDA

$   1.00     Account activity printout, per request

$ 30.00     Account research, per hour (half-hour minimum charge)

$   1.00     Copy of statement, per request

$   1.00     Special Statement cutoff, per statement

$   4.00     Power Pay, per statement cycle

$     .25     Photocopy, per copy

$   1.50     Microfilmed document, per copy

$   1.00     Fax Service, per page

$ 25.00     Stop Payment, all items, per debit

$ 15.00     Domestic Wire Transfer, incoming/outgoing, customer only

$ 50.00     Wire transfer Trace request, per request

$ 50.00     Garnishments, Executions, Levies per written order

$ 20.00     Collection Item, per item        

$ 25.00     Night Depository lock bag, per bag

$   6.00     Night Depository zipper bag, per bag

$ 25.00     Account Closed, within 90 days of opening

$   1.00     Check Cashing Fee (non-customer) per $100, minimum $1

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Commercial Loans

Let's finance that new home, upgrade or even jump on that perfect plot of land for your fresh, new start-up. 

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Certificates of Deposit

Ranging from one month to five years, find the CD account to help with your savings goal.